Professional Expediting Services

Discover how you can benefit from our expertise and exclusive automated tools to expedite the building permit process

We excel in streamlining the building permit process. It's incredibly frustrating to lose valuable time and resources awaiting permit approvals. A&J Permits is here to assist, regardless of whether your project is still in the planning phase or has already been submitted for approval. Our permit expeditors are proficient in understanding state and local building regulations, and they are familiar with the specific requirements of each jurisdiction. The A&J Permits team regularly visits all building departments, knows the ins and outs of how to navigate these systems, and whom to contact to prevent unnecessary delays and confusion due to incorrect information. Moreover, our professionals have exclusive access to automated review technology, which significantly aids in accelerating the permit acquisition process.

Expediting Simplified

Full Service Permit Expeditors

Hate waiting in long lines? Our expediting services eliminate headaches – we provide a full service building permit service including but not limited to:

Accurate application completion

Permit submittal

Permit status

Status updates


Approved permit pick-up and delivery

Help schedule inspections and obtain your Certificate of Occupancy